Great Video

This video does a great job showing what’s wrong with our fire-dependant forests in the Intermountain West.  There is so much right with this, but it misses one small part of the needed solution.  Biomass is an excellent way to create clean, green energy.  The issue is that the problem is so massive, it alone cannot put a dent in the problem of our overstocked forest and National Forests in particular.  We need to pair biomass up with primary forest products for two reasons:

  1.  It takes a village of uses to fix our forests
    • We should always use the by-products of forest health in the highest a best use possible
    • Small-log sawmills with biomass and other wood users can create enough value to offset the cost of collaborative forest management
  2. The problem is too big for one solution alone
    • The forest health crisis is so daunting that we need to build the infrastructure to deal with it continually
    • Biomass is one part of the solution: others needed are lumber, plywood, pellets, pulp & paper, BioChar, landscape & decorative markets, and anything else that uses forest products from these efforts and adds value need to part of the effort

If we can help inform the popular opinion to reflect what is going on in our forests accurately, we will change the future.  Thinning our forests and turning the by-products of those efforts into what we need in our lives is a powerful thing.

I want to applaud the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies for putting this together and sharing it.  A special thank you to Bruce Ward of Choose Outdoors for sending this along.  I think this helps show that these forest issues shouldn’t be political.  All sides love healthy, vibrant forests.  Now we need to pool our resources to turn this ship around.