Collaborative Success: New Animated Video from Vaagen

Vaagen Bros Lumber has invested heavily in collaboration.  Over the last 14 years the Vaagen team has been working with conservation groups, local stakeholders, government officials, and other forest industry leaders to help foster trust and most importantly a collaborative culture of forest health.   A Forest Story is a simple way we can share this story with others and help spread the word that there is hope for our forests and our rural economies.  

3 thoughts on “Collaborative Success: New Animated Video from Vaagen”

  1. Instead of saying “then people arrived” it should say “then white people arrived.” Also, we can’t forget that fire is still needed after the thinning.

    1. Wendy,
      Thanks for your comments. Fire may or may not be important after management. The landscape can certainly handle it more effectively after the lands have been mechanically thinned or managed. Not all land managers use fire after thinning because the forest may not need it. It might be open to opinion, but why would we incur the additional cost of prescribed fire if the forest is thinned to an appropriate level and healthy seedlings are returning to the forest?

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