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This medium is very important for sharing information and ideas about how we can successfully manage our forests.  Writing stories and posting pictures helps transport readers where the issue is front and center, the forest.  Forest Videos are the next step.

The world is changing around us and we must change our behavior and actions to keep up.  We live in a video dominated world.  Theforestblog has created a YouTube channel and will be creating video content.  These videos will focus on many of the topics you see here.  Like this one:

In this video, we discuss the importance of managing forests in order to save them.  The combination of ladder fuels and closed a closed canopy is deadly in fire-prone forests.  Altering the composition of these stands is the only way to address this ever growing problem.

It’s with humble excitement that we move into this new era of video content.  If you agree, continue to follow us and encourage others to check this out.

Upcoming Topics

Upcoming posts will focus on Backcountry, Conservation Management, Cross Laminated Timber, Softwood Lumber Dispute, and Social Media’s Influence in the Forest.

We try to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s important in the Forest, but we are open to subjects that interest our subscribers and readers.  If there’s a subject that you think needs attention, please feel free to comment.

It’s with your help that we will start to fix the problems that our forests face.  We believe that we can have healthy, abundant forests.  That abundance can be in the form of recreation, products, wildlife, seclusion, or whatever it is for you.


8 thoughts on “Forest Videos”

  1. Your blog has been a very useful forum to get information out to the public from a reasonable industry viewpoint. The addition of the video moves things up the scale even further. Well done!

    I think that it is a step to far to indicate that all of the larger trees will be left behind in an effort to manage only for the smaller diameter trees. Inevitably there will be reasons to also remove some of the larger trees and it will also be necessary to leave selected smaller trees behind to become the larger trees of the future.
    Our practices are never absolute and we have to adapt to the natural changes we observe in the forest.

    1. Marv, thanks for the kind words. You’re absolutely right about the big trees. When my family manages our lands we manage in levels. We take some of the small trees, some of the medium-sized trees (small logs), and then some of the mature trees (medium and larger logs). It’s important for people that don’t have much experience with forest management that we use more than just large logs. Unfortunately, some still believe that we only high-grade our forests on both sides of the border. We have seen incredible strides in utilization that allows for better management decisions. I will touch on this in upcoming posts.

  2. Russ, Many thanks for taking the time and energy to prepare and distribute your blog. Our small forest dependent community of Port Alberni B.C. is going through transitional times and one of our very important tasks is being able to pass on the positive messages of sustainable forestry, technologies and markets to our young people to motivate hope in developing strong leadership, stewardship and business skills. Your blog and videos are a huge contribution to this task. Thank you!

    Looking very much forward to hearing your thoughts and videos on the (hopefully) global revolution in construction and design now begining with CLT.

    1. Ron, thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. I’d like to help in whatever way we can to help further your positive messages. We are developing a media group to help others share their stories. We will be putting that plan into action very soon.
      We’d be happy to talk about how we might be able to add value to your efforts.

      All the best,

  3. Great message in the video. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts (and reader comments) on the Canada softwood lumber tariff.

    1. Thanks Steve. Lumber is down $8/Mbf since the announcement and KD SPF dimension is down $10/mbf. I know some sentiment was priced in, but I think this says the market will ultimately decide the value.
      Thanks for reading!

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